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Letter Names
Alphabet Book: English Spanish 

Walk a Letter: English Spanish 

Suds and Fun: English Spanish 

Sponge Prints: English Spanish 

Sandy Letters: English Spanish 

D is for Door: English Spanish 

Letters to a "Tee": English Spanish   

Letter Sounds
Alphabet Book: English Spanish 

Alphabet Posters: English Spanish 


Clap a Friend's Name: English Spanish 

Clapping, Snapping and Stamping: English Spanish 

Beginning Sounds

Me, Too!: English Spanish 


Rhyming Tubs: English Spanish 

Boa Constrictors, Candlesticks,and Jumping Elephants: English Spanish  

Clapping Songs: English Spanish 

Give a Dog a Bone: English Spanish 

Did You Ever See...?: English Spanish 

Rhyme Time: English Spanish 

Rhyming Riddles: English Spanish  


Concepts of Print
Today's News: English Spanish 

Playing With Grocery Store Print: English Spanish 

Foamy Fun: English Spanish  

I Went Shopping: English Spanish

Creating a Job Chart: English Spanish 

The Cookie Jar: English Spanish 

Word Field Trip: English Spanish 

I Can Read Words: English Spanish 


"I Love You" Card: English Spanish 

Official Business: English Spanish 

Being Kind to Our Pet: English Spanish 

A Letter to a Friend: English Spanish 

Keeping a Journal: English Spanish 


Activities with Books
Story Skits: English Spanish 

Gotcha!: English Spanish 

What's for Breakfast?: English Spanish  

The Runaway Bunny: English Spanish  

This Book Tells My Story: English Spanish  

The Mitten: English Spanish 

Can You Do It?: English Spanish 

Anytime Books: English Spanish  

Feed Me: English Spanish  

The Bad Day: English Spanish  

Story Time: English Spanish  

I Went Walking: English Spanish  

Doll Naps: English Spanish  

Listening Cords: English Spanish 

Who's Chasing Rosie?: English Spanish  

I Know an Old Lady: English Spanish  

Good Dog, Carl: English Spanish  

Budding Author: English Spanish  

Dressing for School: English Spanish 

Bread and Jam for Frances: English Spanish  


Name Writing
Name are Important!: English Spanish 

Computer Sign-Up: English Spanish 

Buried Treasures: English Spanish 

Making My Name: English Spanish